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HERBAL THERAPY Modern medicine is just now on the verge of discovering a unified field that is the deepest level of nature.  Ancient cultures have been aware of this dynamic field for thousands of years.  It is considered to be an unexpressed wellspring of intelligence within nature that nourishes and fortifies the infinite diversity expressed in life.

The life cycle of every plant is governed by these fundamental forces of nature, which have been identified by ancient systems of medicine as earth, air, fire, and water.  These building blocks of nature have been recognized respectively by modern chemistry as carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen.

When the human physiology metabolizes a plant remedy, it actually metabolizes the organizing power of nature which the plant has transmuted into material form.  In this simple way, the human physiology responds to and is governed by the physiology of nature, resulting in the harmonizing of the body and mind of human life with the "body" and "mind" of nature.  The specific value of intelligence and order that is expressed in the cells of the plant is metabolized and expressed into the cells of the physiology.

The metabolism of natures intelligence by human physiology takes place on the level of the neuroreceptors, which serve as a link between the body and the environment.  The human body has a multitude of neuroreceptors that respond to complementary biological substances found in nature.  Medicinal plants are capable of targeting specific receptors within the body.  In this way, the health and balance of the body is restored by the chemistry and organizing power of the plant.

In today's allopathic drug medicine, most remedies are synthetic preparations devoid of any life-promoting vital energies.  Thus we have witnessed the side effects which common crude drugs have on the human physiology.  These same side effects are recognized by scientific researchers, physicians and natural healers as "actual drug poisonings"

Traditional herbal medicine has revealed a deep wisdom that modern medicine is just beginning to appreciate.  In today's herbal pharmaceutical practices it is well known that every plant requires specific extraction methods to yield the strongest and most vital remedies.  The art of preparing a plant remedy lies in knowing about and working with the "mind", "body" and "soul" of the plant to bring forth its healing virtues.

Common drugs and standardized herbal remedies that utilize only limited constituents of a plant do not have the holistic effect within the body that whole plant extracts do.  Common drugs provide a chemical similar to an active constituent.  Both can have strong effects but always at the expense of the whole.  Proper use of herbal therapy is life changing.  Their effects help to heal and restore the mind, body and soul.

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