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Massage is the systematic and scientifif manipulation of the soft tissues of the body.  Relaxation, releif from pain, reduction of certain types of edema, and increased range of motion can be accomplished through the use of Massage.  It is usually combined with other theraputic measures, and often provides a form of passive exercise when stretching techniques are used.

Massage not only physiologically relieves pain and metabolically prepare the injured or involved muscles for exercise to their fullest capacity, but it also encourages the confidence of the patient.  Massage will also enable the operator to evaluate the patient's soft tissue much more effectively than could any written or verbal report.

Massage can also be used to prepare healthy muscles for strenuose aports activity, or to assist the body in recovery from the aftereffects of such activity.  Massage is a useful and integral part of the healing process.  It should be used for psychologic, physiologic, mechanical, and reflex effects.

We currently have one part-time Massage Therapist to meet your needs.  She  specializes in neck and back pain, sinus conditions, sleep disorders and headaches.  She is trained in Oriental, Russian and Swedish massage techniques, along with Accupressure, Prenatal massage and Reevaluation counseling.

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