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Mental Touch

Mental Touch© was developed for fast resolution of mental-emotional problems and  to directly heal the mind-body-spirit interface.  In essence it is a pressure point paradigm dealing with internal imagery and emotions affecting brain chemistry through the meridian lines of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Mental Touch© encompasses and deals with pressure points, visualization, the meridian system and mental-emotional issues as well as balancing brain chemistry connected to the particular issue.  For the first time it is now possible to actually resolve issues rapidly, gently and effectively and without catharsis.  It is reproducible and can be learned by anyone willing to take the time to learn it.

However, the pressure points used in Mental Touch© are not necessarily those used by other therapies such as accupressure or body reflexology, although they will tend to be within near proximity to them and in some cases are in the same spot.  Likewise the imagery used is not the same type as most people are familiar with.  Mental Touch© uses any or all of the 5 senses either singly or together.

Further, the use of meridian lines in Mental Touch© is also different from those therapies affecting the flow of "chi", the life energy.  Mental Touch© used while the client focuses on the correct internal image causes a backwash of neuro-transmitters into the negative holographic mental image, thereby creating a new perspective, producing a new interference pattern, which resolves the problem.

Mental Touch© is well tolerated by clients since there is no verbalization of the problem necessary on the part of the client.  This leads to a more comfortable acceptance of the procedures, which in turn, leads to faster resolution of the problems.

We currently have two full-time Mental Touch© practitioners to meet your needs.

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