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Myofascial Release

Soft tissue manipulation dates back at least as far as the work of Ida Rolf of the Rolf Institute and has always been a primary goal in massage.  John Barnes, creator of Myofascial Release treatment, has given practitioners a new understanding of the fascial system and how it can be used to successfully treat clients with chronic pain.

The fascial system is a single continuous structure of collagenous fibers woven throughout the body.  When stress, injury or postural habits restrict this weave, it impacts on all systems within the body including the flexibility and glideability of muscle, bones, blood vessels, nerves or organs.

This is a noninvasive, self-correcting process in which light but focused and prolonged inputs of compression and traction in a specific area of the body can begin a chain reaction of releases in the fascial system.

It improves muscle and nerve function by removing entrapments created by injuries and the way they heal.  Muscles heal with scar tissue which is a rope like consistency.  Muscles are supposed to behave like rubber bands and with each injury to a muscle, the scars accumulate and shorten the fibers which eventually become much less flexible and more painful.  Many experience weather sensitivity.  Eventually, the muscles begin to cramp and are painful all of the time.

Since most clients tend to move with atypical patterns and postures, myofascial shortening can occur early in the developmental process, preventing the individual from following a normal developmental sequence.  Our goal is to work away the underlying tonal problems, relieving the individual of pain and restoring normal function to the individual.

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