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FUNCTIONAL ENDOCRINOLOGY:  Used properly all nutrients can cause amazing healthful benefits.  According to the concept of biological individuality; everyone has unique and individual body chemistry and nutritional needs.  Each nutrient has the potential to do significant harm when supplemented without regard to your individual unique metabolism.  Improper nutrition and improper supplementation causes imbalance in the metabolic control centers of your body.  Our goal is to help you restor balance to the metabolic control systems of your body, increasing your adaptive capacity.  This is accomplished by using the latest electronic Bio-energetic Testing, blood & saliva testing, detoxing & allergy clearing, along with nutritional supplementation and counseling.

The metabolic control centers that control all of the chemical functions in your body control energy production,  heart function and circulation,  nervous system and brain function, digestion and nutrient assimilation, blood and cell chemistry, and hormone regulation.  They aid in the efficient elimination of the toxic byproducts of the metabolism,  and aid in the aging process by helping to minimize the degenerative changes common to aging.

When working properly, these control systems help you go through life with energy and stamina.  A loss of balance associated with a problem in one or more of these control systems will express itself in abnormal functioning somewhere in your body.  When you have a system that is out of balance severe enough, and having existed for an extended length of time, pathological changes occur and disease symptoms appear.

We all have unique and individual body chemistry.  Each person has different nutrient requirements for his/her body to produce energy efficiently and to perform all of its other functions efficiently. While some don't do well if they eat red meat, others become quite weak without it. 


For the better part of a century, conventional medicine took the position that taking vitamins was a waste of time and money.  Doctors would tell patients that if they wanted expensive urine, take vitamins, because that was all they were good for.

Thank goodness for the few rebals, radicals, hippies, health nuts and Naturopaths that always thought for themselves and helped shepherd in new information and products for health.  They kept the supplement and natural foods industry going for decades, before the value of vitamins and whole foods was recognized by the mainstream.

All the latest research shows that supplementation is one of the wises choices in personal health care.  Support for this statement comes from a surprising source.  According to a pair of reports by two Harvard doctors that were published in the Journal  of the American Medical Association, "all healthy adults should take a multivitamin every day."* This recommendation is based on research showing that a daily multivitamin may help prevent many chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, osteoprorsis, and even some cancers.

What is so amazing - and frankly embarrassing to those in the conventional medical camp - is that this common-sense conclusion was so long in comming.  It has long been conventional medicine's dogma that a "balanced" diet (one based on the obesity-causing food pyramid and the erronerous four food groups) provided all the nutrients a person needed.  Now, even the scientists agree that this position is no longer valid.

The research also suggests that vitamin supplements offer other advantages, including reducing the risk of colon and breast cancer.  And personally, we beleive there are many more positive results to come as the attitude of medicine becomes more inclusive.  These studies represent an incredible shift by the American Medical Association.

While wholesome whole foods are a substantial start to maintaining health, most of us are not eating a wide enough variety of garden-fresh, organic, unprocessed, whole foods; this is where supplements come in.  When we say "supplements," we're referring to more than one tablit or pill.  No one-per-day can contain what even a moderately healthy person needs to stay well in today's high-tech, hurry-up, stress-filled, chemical-filled world.  A well nourshed body absorbs less pollution, detoxes or disposes of the pollution it does absorb more quickly, and is better equipped to minimize and repain the damage.

* REFERENCES:  Fairfield KM, Fletcher RH. JAMA 2002; 287; 3116-26 & 3127-29

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